© 2014 Kevin Longa NOW CASTING: Filming Food Entrepreneurs in Select European Cities

NOW CASTING: Filming Food Entrepreneurs in Copenhagen, Prague, Krakow, Budapest & Vienna

This week’s #FoodEntrepreneur Friday, I’m going to pause my usual pontificating about entrepreneurship and feature a matter that’s more important: people.

Food entrepreneurs, to be exact.

Singaporean carrot cake: don't keep your business idea a secret

Right now my documentary team is seeking food entrepreneurs in Europe to be filmed, featured and interviewed for TASTE with Kevin Longa, a documentary series about international food entrepreneurs. These individuals are the food heroes of their communities: bastions of all that is good and tasty.  Food represents local cultures and livelihoods. The documentary series, TASTE (for short), features the people who provide these ingredients of life. Each episode of TASTE shows a different international food entrepreneur/innovator and a small story behind their food ventures. TASTE will feature one food entrepreneur per location; so 5 total food entrepreneurs for our 5 European film locations. If selected to be filmed, each food entrepreneur will have their very-own episode crafted with love by the award-winning filmmaking team behind TASTE. 

Email [email protected] with the subject line “Filming with TASTE” to learn more. See details below.


Quick backstory: Last year I scraped into my life savings and bought a flight ticket to Asia to begin filming the series. The journey continues. Since this series is about international food entrepreneurs (not just Asia), I’m now off to film in these European locations:

1. Copenhagen, Denmark – (August 15-21)
2. Prague, Czech Republic – (August 23-26)
3. Krakow, Poland – (August 29-30)
4. Budapest, Hungary – (September 2-3)
5. Vienna, Austria – (September 10-12)

Email [email protected] if you’d like to nominate a food business to be featured on the TASTE series. We accept submissions directly from food entrepreneurs and their friends.


What kinds of food entrepreneurs are we seeking to film and interview?

Interviewee TASTE Casting Call copy

Click here to download a shareable PDF version of this CASTING CALL.

A food entrepreneur can be restauranteurs, chefs, fishermen, hunters, food store owners, farmers, bakers, tea-makers, manufacturers, street food vendors, beekeepers… all food businesses are all fair game. The documentary series focuses mostly on food entrepreneurs’ stories. The most important thing we are looking for is a food entrepreneur who can be charismatic and passionate about their work and in front of the camera.


The food entrepreneur MUST:
– be outgoing (have an interesting personality),
– speak English,
– be comfortable speaking in front of the camera,
– and be available to film during our film dates and locations (ideally near the city centre, of each respective city)


1. Copenhagen, Denmark – (August 15-21)
2. Prague, Czech Republic – (August 23-26)
3. Krakow, Poland – (August 29-30)
4. Budapest, Hungary – (September 2-3)
5. Vienna, Austria – (September 10-12)



Here are the deadlines to submit your food business or suggest a food entrepreneur for being featured on the documentary series.

Primary Deadline (Recommended): July 1, 2014

Secondary Deadline: July 14, 2014

Please send all suggestions/submissions to [email protected].



A few awesome food entrepreneurs TASTE has recently featured:

Food Entrepreneurs: Chef Mathew Dolan, 25 Lusk - TASTE with Kevin Longa

Food Entrepreneurs: Master Tu, Vietnam - TASTE with Kevin Longa

Food Entrepreneurs: Chef Francisco, Mexico & USA - TASTE with Kevin Longa

Food Entrepreneurs: Chef Janice Wong, Singapore - TASTE with Kevin Longa

Food Entrepreneurs: Restauranteur Punsak, Thailand & USA - TASTE with Kevin Longa

Email [email protected] with the subject line “Filming with TASTE” if you or a food entrepreneur you know should be the next person TASTE films.


Stay hungry, keep traveling.

– Kevin

NOTE: The TASTE with Kevin Longa series has not been released publicly yet. Please follow us on Facebook, Twitter or email newsletter to receive updates.


Also, I will pause weekly #FoodEntrepreneur Friday blog posts until I return from filming in Europe. If you need your blog fix, then may I suggest these vintage morsels of past blog posts?

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