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#FoodEntrepreneur Friday: When Starting Your Entrepreneurial Venture, Accept All Meeting Requests

The food: Shot of Espresso Americano

Where to find it: D’Platos, Granada, Spain


Welcome to another edition of #FoodEntrepreneur Friday, where I serve up an order of international food with a side of guidance for entrepreneurs.


As a rule of travel, I accept all meeting requests. All sorts of interesting can happen when two internationals meet.

On top of that, just envision the romance of an espresso shot in Europe. Picture this: a piping hot thimble of caffeine perched on an immaculate saucer, passersby ambling upon cobblestoned streets and hilltop church bells tolling every quarter hour. I cherish moments like these. I sip them up slowly knowing that once I return back to work in the US, 5am alarm clocks will ring in the work day rather than lulling church bells.

However, it doesn’t always have to be hustle, bustle and busy once you get back to work—wherever in the world that may be. Just like exercising, you need to make time to get out of the office and meet people, especially when you’re first beginning your entrepreneurial venture.

I’ve learned that whenever I first start something out, I will have time to take meetings. At this stage, I accept all meeting requests. This time availability shrinks inversely as your entrepreneurial endeavor grows. So make the most of the beginning stages, and grab that espresso with the people you reach out to and those who reach out to you. Often times, I find that even apparently non-related meetings lead to pivotal connections.

As a rule of first starting an entrepreneurial venture, I accept all meeting requests. All sorts of productivity and possibility can happen.


1 In fact, since I’m just starting out TASTE, my documentary series about food entrepreneurs, feel free to reach out. I’m located in the SF Bay Area or if you’re international or out of the area, then let’s Skype/GoogleHangout/iChat.

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